Asian Dining Alibaba Restaurant & Halal Food

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In the locality of Yokohama, we are serving our Customers with warm welcome and polite manner, which is one of the positive cultural system of Japan.

As many of our Customers are visiting us on almost daily basis, specially from the nearby offices during the Lunch time, are almost praising the quality of our dishes and services provided by our team.

We are waiting for you to visit us and once you are here, we are confident that you will must be coming here again.




Asian Dining Alibaba Restaurant & Halal Food (Bilal Enterprise) was established with the ambition to cater the needs of foreigners and Muslims who are seeking halal food in Japan 🇯🇵 .Our aims to expand across Japan to gather more interest and provide more dynamic ventures for the interested seekers.

Asian Dining Alibaba Restaurant & Halal food Ltd is the leading and fast-growing name in Food industry where it has onboarded many renowned foods from Pakistan, India ,Thai and other countries. People who seek halal store or halal shop by the name of Halal Foods they can visit our outlets or order online through our website. This is Online Halal Food Shop in japan We believe in customer building and delivering quality.
Our Major Projects


Being a Pakistani or Muslim, living in a country that doesn’t normally serve you halal products is quite a struggle. Introducing you to our company-affiliated National Mary Halal Stores now available and accessible in Japan can make your life beyond easy. Visit our website to locate the nearest Halal Store by your residence or place your order online.


Asian Dining Restaurants provides the best Eateries in Japan where Hygienic and Traditional foods are primed by the Intercontinental Culinary Experts. Moreover, the standards are preserved under the Halal measures. Visit the Official Website now and Come to Enjoy the Taste .